Monday, November 7, 2011

Things In Kansas

Things in Kansas work a little differently.  A guy who DNFs gets better points than the guy that wins by a landslide...

Lining up near the back of the Men's Open field in Shawnee, KS for the 360Cup, I had a decent start.  Following John Jones' wheel I tried to learn the lines on the technical course.  Through the barriers and into the final turn of lap 1 I overtook some guys and got tangled up with Lawrence Simonson, sending my rear brake into my spokes.  I lost some places fixing it but started gaining a few back in the subsequent laps.  Joe Schmalz lapped me, as did Andrew Coe.  This informed me that I suck at cyclocross.  Then my rear derailluer cable came loose and I packed it in, DNF (yes, I informed the officials).  This informed me that I suck at life.

So far the story sounds reasonable, right?  Then how does USAC score me with "better" points than the guys who lapped me? Of lesser importance, how do they also have the wrong team for me?  C'est la vie.

This kind of thing doesn't bode well for those who need it to work for nationals/world's call-ups.  Regardless, thanks to 360Racing for putting on a great event on a tough course.  That off-camber stuff was wicked!

Anyway, the family had a good time in KS visiting my folks and got to see my siblings (minus a bro-in-law).  My little bro bagged two pheasants on a youth hunt w/ a bird dog.  That's pretty cool.  I sucked at CX but got to ride some gravel on Sunday.  The kids rode horses and we ate like kings (like you haven't notice from my skin-suit shots, yikes!  Between no-shave Novembeard and the weight, I'm heading into Santa Claus territory for the 2012 road season.  Perhaps I'm subconsciously becoming a fred?)  Great weekend.


  1. Nice try on the points :)
    It will get fixed... great weekend of cx for sure.

  2. I heard you ripped it up, Jeff! Sorry I missed you!

  3. Had a good weekend, see you at the next one...
    FYI - big plans this year for Tour of Hermann.