Friday, September 7, 2012

Gateway Cup 2012 + End of the Road

Gateway Cup P/1/2s

Wow, what a crescendo to the road season!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, though I didn't get any noteworthy results.  The most noteworthy item was that I went 4 days without crashing (and without taking freelaps - jerks!) despite racing in the rain (and on Friday, in the dark).

I was going to write a big long writeup on each race and how I faught for positoin and then each day ended up near the back of the lead group.  But I think this conversation distills it fairly well:

Me: Yeah, so I was on Huff's wheel and looking for the move but trying to get ready for the sprint...
Coach: So were you still on Huff's wheel for the sprint or were you out of position for the sprint?
Me: Yeah, too far back.  But on Monday I was in decent position the last few laps till Huff said all the money was up the road.  That was a bummer since I didn't go with any of the moves which were still away.
Coach: So you never saw the front?
Me: Well, no.

lol.  It is tough racing with the big boys.  I think I got better each day, but I didn't really do much, just got comfortable in the pack at that level which is an important stepping stone for next year.

Kinda sums up my weekend.

Here's a bar cam video of the first couple laps on Friday night.  Whoever that jerk is who is clipped in at the start, well, I want to have words with him... Also, here's a blog post with several videos from the P/1/2 races.

Here are some other photos from the weekend:

Rollin with the pack at Benton Park (Monday).  Photo cred: Nikki Cyp
On PRO Chad Hartley's wheel at Benton Park. Photo Cred: Nikki Cyp
Looking like a racer in the rain at the Giro Della Montagna.  Man, felt great early and terrible late!  Photo Cred: Dan Singer

End of the Road (Season)

And just like that the road season is finished.  I'm itching for more but it's probably best its over.  I'm sure I'd burn myself out if the racing continued indefinitely.  I did get a pleasant surprise with the end of season rankings that USAC has started.  It says I'm the best cat 2 crit racer in IL.  While David Reyes (Bloomington) is clearly better (for instance he finished ahead of me 3 of 4 days at Gateway), the silly algorithm has me first.  Whatever.  Still kinda nice.

The thing about being "the best cat 2?"  There's a lot of cat 1s and PROs who are way better!

It's that time again Playas.


  1. Mark you are a super cheeter

  2. Great job this year, Mark. You really impressed me being a first year 2. Now, it's time to come over to the dark side where things are a little less serious from 8th place back....