Saturday, April 18, 2009

Commuting in Hangelar

So I took the camera along on my way to work today. I've got a series of videos below that show my route from the gas station (where I bought a sweet bike map of the area) to the compound where I'm working. The pilots came in today and gave up some of their Saturday (not something anybody should be eager to do, especially with families + stressful jobs, etc) to go through some things for me and I think we're looking good for next week's important work stuff.

Anyway, I hope you can endure my blathering. It was fun to make the videos, even if low fidelity. I hope you feel like you are in Germany with me - I'd enjoy things more if you were!


P.S. I've got another post upcoming on a great post-work ride today. More video and photos to follow.

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