Friday, April 24, 2009

A Roadie is Born

Now, to you cycling fashionistas out there you might pull my style credentials with that title, but hear me out. The facts show this guy is on his way to rockin the road style in a core way.
Consider this man is in the South. Not just anywhere but in the land of the never-ending car jam south: Hotlanta. To sport lycra there takes commitment - definately against the grain, and that my friends puts the attempt in proper relief.
Furthermore, check out the tech. This is not a weight weenie. Box section rims, old school steel + down tube shifters, and pedals clips. They knew how to ride back in the day - and that's just how you should start. But wait, why, this guy can't be starting...he's in the big ring?? 'nuf said.
Speaking of Mr. Big Watts here, check the top tube. You saw correctly my friend, it's a cue sheet. And cue sheets show detailed preperation and indicate long rides. Don't be surprised when you're ridden off his wheel.
Starting out on the right foot is critical, and white bar tape with a matching red/white colour scheme is starting out right. The t-shirt while frowned upon for form and function does match the colour scheme....
All in good time bro. Ride on roadie.

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