Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sorry about the delay in posting my ride photos and videos from Sunday. I've been busy with work. But on that front, things are going rather well. Just a few more days...

One thing I thought I'd put up is the result of my killer biking weekend: a strained hamstring. You'd think I would learn by now. Last year I could hardly walk for 4 days after injuring my knee, I've been sidelined from soccer games multiple times with hamstring strains/pulls. Here I am after 11 hours of cycling with a fair bit of climbing with another hamstring/knee injury.

Currently I have a hard time going up stairs. That's only half true. I can get up stairs just fine with my left leg; my right, not so much.

So kids, don't try this at home (or in Germany) - don't go crazy with your rapidly aging bodies on a hill-climbing bonanza without stretching! Especially if you are A) blood relation to me and/or B) not involved in regular stretching and/or C) consciously focusing on "turning circles" instead of your usual mindless pack fodder pedal mashing technique.

Fortunately the interwebs did furnish this pearl for me:

No mortality is associated with hamstring strain;

Whew. That was close.

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