Friday, April 17, 2009

Food Stuff

People often ask me "Mark, what keeps you going?" "Food" is my answer. My body burns this stuff (not very effectively) and stores it and that's what keeps me going. Ok, not really. I am not inspiring enough to solicit such a question, but if you asked me today, I would point you to the following fun German foods I picked up at the Edeka.

Above you'll see a nutty, chocolate dipped pastry called a "corner." So exciting, these food names.

Below is my favorite drink over here: Granini Multifruchtsaft. It is just the right amount of sweetness and viscosity, the penultimate fruit drink. The ultimate is a mango smoothy made from proper mangos (the way Arabs and Caymanians serve it, among others I'm sure).

The corny I bought for obvious reasons. :)

Musli destroys US cereals for yummy goodness.

I also hope the recipe will help my cycling. No blood transfusions here, but I'll take an extra helping of Natural Body Power. The only power this cyclist needs, baby.

To cap it all off, I also picked up a 6-pack:

What isn't pictured was dinner: gyros and frites, as well as some weekend sustinance: bananas, bread, gouda, chocolate, and salami. That's BIO salami to you (i.e. organic auf Deutsch).

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